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1.   Our service is all you need to feel safe and
when purchasing a mobile or
manufactured home.   With over
39 years
experience in manufactured home construction,
we know what to look for!  

2.   We have inspected over 6,800 mobile and
manufactured homes in the Southern California
area, since 1987, with over 27 years inspecting
experience! We are certified, registered, licensed,
and experienced!

3.   We carry active C-47 ( Mobile Home /
Manufactured Housing license) A must for this
kind of work, and B-1 ( General ) contractor's

4.   We have also
inspect whole parks, for cities,
people purchasing parks, and management

5.   Your inspector is an expert at what he does!   

6.   We inspect homes
in a park or on land!

7.   Our service is based on  H.C.D.    ( Department
of Housing and Community Development )  Title
25 regulations!

8.   The inspection report and pics are emailed,  
and we give a
FREE consultation at the end!

9.   We can advise you on any number of
structural or physical aspects, of repairing, or
remodeling a mobile or manufactured home!

*****NEW SERVICE, "Remote Inspections"******
Here's how it works. You email us pictures of
whatever you need inspected and we talk on the
phone or email you findings based on YOUR
PHOTOS. Obviously this would not be good for a
whole home inspection, but it may be perfect for
1,2, or several inspection questions. Pricing is
$69.00 per hour and you decide how much time
you want me to spend investigating your issues.
Call me for more information 714 612-3564

H.C.D. (The Department of Housing and
Community Development)
always has jurisdiction
on the mobile / manufactured home it's self.
Outside of it there may
be  H.C.D., city, county, or
federal jurisdiction.


(714) 612-3564

(951) 823-7887 or

(760) 521-2387

For A Mobile Home

Note Well:
A pre purchase mobile
home inspection may
be your only chance to
have an
unbiased expert
those things which the
seller may have
or wasn't
aware of
Issues may be found
that affect
desirability of the
,  things  no one  
was aware of.  You
want to have all of
concerns listed
for you
, so you can
negotiate a better
on your
The investment in our
service means
on the after
move in costs!
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Damaged Mobile Home Roofing
Damaged Heat Exchanger on a Furnace
Who ever you hire
make sure they
inspect Mobile and
Manufactured homes
and carry an active
C-47  license!
Manufactured Homes
different from
conventional homes
and are
regulated by
a different agency
and code book!
Getting ready to check the roof.
Yup that's me writing a
Checking below the kitchen sink.
Checking the furnace.
Checking the ceiling for stains.
Damaged roof deck below shingles.
Damaged floor below carpet.
Long term leak below kitchen sink.
Substandard handrail.
Inspection Menu,
  A La Carte

1. Roof
inspections. To see
what if any kind of
repairs are needed

2. Foundation
Inspection. To see
what condition the
support system is in.

3. Electrical
inspection. To check
for aluminum wire and
possible electrical

4. Plumbing
inspection. To check
for leaks and possible
maintenance problems

5. Remote
inspection. You send
me good digital
pictures and we
discuss the problem.
Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Carlsbad,
Escondido, Encinitas, Westminster, Santa
Ana, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Newport
Beach, Long Beach, Garden Grove, Fountain
Valley, Orange, Fullerton, Lake Forest, El
Toro, San Juan Capistrano, Tustin, Costa
Mesa, Corona, Chino Hills, Riverside, Norco,
Hemet, San Jacinto, Bellflower, Torrance,
Harbor City, Gardena, San Dimas, Brea,  
Carson, Diamond Bar, Hawaiian Gardens,
Lomita, Whittier, Glendora, San Clemente,
Los Alamitos, Cerritos, Dominguez Hills,
Cypress, Laguna Beach, Norwalk,